Monday 19 February 2018
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Go Bananas!!!!!

Go Bananas!!!!!

After I came home with 15 lbs of bananas, the problem presented itself, “WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THOSE BANANAS????”

I tend to buy things in “bulk” when they are on sale and store them for future use. Recently, bananas were on sale for $0.38 a pound for organic bananas (thank you HyVee!). So naturally, I couldn’t resist!

Well, I thought of making some banana bread, and freezing it, but who wants all those carbs in their freezer. So, I thought, how can I make this plethora of bananas into a healthy snack for my kids, and how can I make my deals last. The answer was clear!

Frozen bananas!

And no, I don’t mean the chocolate kind you find on a stick.

I mean, sliced up and whole bananas, in a stackable plastic container in my freezer. It has been 2 weeks since I bought those bananas on sale, and I must say, we have made smoothies three times, and it is LIBERATING to know that they are in my freezer! I just toss 2 whole frozen bananas in the blender, with a handful of another fruit from my freezer (like blueberries), and either skim milk, or water and some greek yogurt, and VOILA! Banana ice cream… least thats what the kids call it =)

To freeze bananas:

  • Peel the bananas – and set the peels aside in a bowl
  • Either slice , quarter, or leave the bananas whole…your choice
  • Put in either freezer bags, or I use plastic storage boxes (usually rubbermaid or tupperware).
  • Then put in the freezer.

It couldn’t be simpler or more handy to have frozen bananas on hand!

I didn’t have any trouble with them sticking together, but if you did, you could certainly just gently bang it on the counter or floor (still in the bag, of course) like a bag of ice until it breaks up.

NOW, what to do with those peels….

Banana peels can be used for so many wonderful things. Here are just a few:

  • Use them to fertilize plants. Place peel in a large jar, cover with water and water plants. Keep adding water to maintain the fertilizer.
  • Compost them. They are good for compost material.
  • Feed them to your worm farm. Worms love them.
  • Chop them into small pieces and stick under rosebushes as an aphid deterrent. Dead or dried peels can also be used. 1
  • Also, I love to use them to kill ants!
    I slice the peel into 1 inch by 1 inch squares (very rough estimate). Then I let the peel dry out, and then I just throw them around the side of the house or in the garden where I don’t want ants. This works because ants cannot tolerate potassium, and so the peel of the banana is very toxic for ants. This is a safe method if you have pets and small children around.2

The possibilities for using bananas are truly endless….so GO BANANAS!!! Got an other ideas for banana or their peels? Share your comments below!


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