Monday 19 February 2018
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Hello Readers!

I’m Lee Gregg and the purpose for my blog is to share any gardening (organic mostly but conventional sometimes too) and nutrition tips as well as share any recipes I may have created or others I have found over the Internet.  I hope to make this blog a freely open discussion for my readers.

I am a mom of two wonderful kids in the Midwest (Zone 6).  A few years ago I decided to leave the successful marketing career I had for 19 years and get back to my first love, horticulture.  I have since gone back to school for a degree in horticulture and now currently work in the horticulture field.  The reason I started this blog is to share what I have learned in school as well as working in the industry.  It gives me the opportunity to improve my writing skills and read the feedback I get from you to help improve my garden.

Here are a few more random things about me:

  1. I work in the horticulture research field, getting filthy everyday and love it!
  2. I am a mom, sister, aunt, daughter and wife.
  3. I have tried Brussels spouts multiple times and I still don’t like them.  However, I can grow them successfully.
  4. I love to bake…. and eat it too
  5. I use to paint murals for a living
  6. I have an ongoing battle with squash bugs every year.  Some years I win, others, they win
  7. I have a Bachelors of Science in Business.
  8. I love to take long bike rides when I have time
  9. My kids are squishy and so lovable.  I’m the luckiest mom on earth!
  10. I apologize to all the teachers who taught my children over the years. 
  11. I am Christian and proud of it.
  12. I hope one day I can figure out who to share my love of horticulture and serve Christ which holding down my job and take care of my family.  Its a work in progress
  13. I have 23 acres 20 minutes away from where we live.  I hope to get there within the next 15 years to retire.
  14. Once I can figure out how to permanently get rid of my gray hair, I’ll post a picture.